Adult Eye Examinations


Dr. Chow strives for a thorough ocular vision and health evaluation by completing a comprehensive eye

examination analyzing a minimum of 12 main assessment of the eye.

12 point assessment includes:


Medical health and Vision history
Medical health and Vision history

Obtaining relevant medical and vision history in order to properly assess and diagnose the health of your eyes

Visual Acuity Assessment

Measuring how well you see at distance and near with and without your current glasses or contact lenses

Evaluate the Eye Muscles

Evaluating the movement, coordination, and alignment of the eye muscles and their ability to work well together

Refraction to Measure Your Spectacle Prescription

Measuring your vision for near-sightedness, far-sightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia in order to provide you with a proper prescription

Binocular Vision Assessment

Evaluating your ability to perform daily tasks including reading/computer work for long periods of time. Assessing depth perception for sports related activities.

Pupil Dilated Fundus Examination

Dilating drops may* be instilled to examine the inside of your eyes to examine the periphery and any

abnormal eye conditions

Glaucoma Testing

Measuring and monitoring your eye pressures, peripheral vision, and optic nerve to assess for any risk or presence
of glaucoma

Anterior Segment Assessment

Assessing for viral, bacterial, allergic conjunctivitis (red eyes), along with any other anterior ocular surface diseases

Dry Eyes and Cornea Assessment

Evaluating the surface of your eyes to determine the severity of dryness and determining the best treatment options

Patient Education and Overview

Providing a detailed summary of your eye examination along with treatment options and our professional recommendations to keep the eyes healthy