Children Eye Examinations


In Ontario, children between the ages of 0-19 years old, are covered by Ontario Health Insurance Provider (OHIP) one full comprehensive eye exam once a year and any partial eye exams throughout the year.

At our office both Dr. Lisa Chow and Dr. Mindy Chow received advanced training in the field of pediatrics at the Pennsylvania College of Optometrists Pediatrics department. During their 6 months training, Dr. Chow examined and diagnosed infants, toddlers and children for many eye conditions which arise as the most harmful to their vision at a young age.

Signs and Symptoms that may indicate your children has a visual problem:

Covering or closing one eye to see


Holding reading materials or objects too close or sitting too close to the television


Squinting, rubbing the eyes, or excessive blinking


A lack of concentration or irritability, attention span












Medical Health and Vision History
Evaluate the Eye Muscles

Evaluating the movement, coordination, and alignment of the eye muscles and their ability to work well together









Glaucoma Testing

Measuring eye pressures and assessing for congenital glaucoma or risk of glaucoma in the future

Refraction to measure your spectacle prescription

Red, itchy, watery eyes


Skipping words while reading or letters appear to “jump” out of the page


One or two eyes turning inwards or outwards constantly or occasionally










Comprehensive Children’s eye exam includes :


Measuring your vision for near-sightedness, far-sightedness, and astigmatism in order to provide you with a proper prescription

Obtaining relevant medical and vision history in order to properly assess and diagnose the health of your eyes

Evaluating the ability to adjust focus, color vision, and measuring depth perception for sports related activities

Depth Perception & Colour Vision
Visual Acuity Assessment

Measuring how well you see at distance and near with and without your current glasses or contact lenses

Examination of Front Eyes

Assessing for viral, bacterial, allergic conjunctivitis (red eyes), along with any other ocular surface diseases including dry eyes

Examination of Inside of Eyes

Assessing for any eye conditions that are common or may be sight-threatening in children's eyes

Binocular Vision Assessment

Evaluating the ability for both eyes to work well together and testing for lazy eye (amblyopia), and eye turns (strabismus), along with other conditions commonly seen with children

Patient and Education & Overview

Providing a detailed summary of your eye examination along with treatment options and our professional recommendations to keep the eyes healthy