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Pregnancy and the eyes

Did you know that pregnancy can cause changes to your vision and your eyes? As we know, during pregnancy, there are vast body changes including hormonal changes, metabolic changes, changes in fluid retention, and changes in your blood circulation, all which can affect your eyes.

Vision fluctuations and blurry vision

During pregnancy, women may experience vision fluctuations and blurry vision. These changes are usually a side effect of hormonal changes and fluid retention causing your prescription to change. The fluid may affect the shape and thickness of your cornea which leads to prescription changes. However this is usually a minor symptom and will resolve once you have your baby. During this time however, LASIK refractive procedures are not recommended as your prescription fluctuates.

Dry eyes with pregnancy

Dry eye is a common side effect from hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy affecting tear production. This often results in symptoms of sandy gritty feeling, irritation, redness and itchiness to the eyes. Expecting mothers usually develop these minor symptoms during their first trimester and likely will resolve once they have the baby.

During this time, we advise patients to reduce contact lenses wear, avoid heavy make up around the eyes, reduce computer screen time and take frequent breaks (see computer vision syndrome section).

Gestational Diabetes, Glaucoma, Lasik Options

Here at Dr. Chow vision care, we can monitor your ocular status during pregnancy. As a side note, once you have your baby, we recommend for the infant to have their first eye examination with us between the ages of 6 – 9 months. Please visit our “Frequency of Eye Examination” page for more details.

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